Housing Consumer Education Center

Our Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) is the “front door” to Housing Solutions’ range of housing services, through which we serve nearly 1,000 area residents per month. These include tenants, homeless families, landlords, homebuyers, homeowners and other residents with housing related questions.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can assess a household’s situation and connect them to the appropriate resources and assistance, either within Housing Solutions or with another organization.

Our trainings, technical assistance and counseling services include the following:

Certified First Time Homebuyer Education

We offer approximately 10 first-time homebuyer trainings annually. Through this nine-hour training, we introduce homebuyers to information needed to successfully purchase their first home, including picking a realtor, finding the right home, repairing credit, securing financing, home inspections, insurance and maintaining a home.  The class provides information on the range of programs and financing resources available to first-time buyers.  Housing Solutions homebuyer education course has received a Seal of Approval from the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative, enabling participants who receive a certificate of completion to access several special mortgage products. Call 781-422-4225 for more information, or check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Financial Literacy Training

We offer training and counseling related to creating a household budget, repairing credit, and planning to achieve financial goals. We also provide guidance in applying for state and federal entitlements. The goal of the financial literacy training is to provide participants with the tools they need to make successful and informed financial choices. Call 781-422-4274 for more information, or check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Foreclosure counseling

Our experienced and certified HCEC staff provides predatory lending prevention and foreclosure counseling. Staff directs at-risk homeowners to appropriate resources and assists them in achieving the best possible outcome with respect to their homes and mortgages. Call 781-422-4274 for more information.

Affordable Housing Search

We offer regular group trainings (typically 2-4 times per month) related to searching for and securing affordable housing. We provide participants in the workshop with the applications they need and we assist them in accurately completing them in order to access subsidized housing. The facilitator provides information on the documentation housing seekers are required to submit; how to address housing barriers; credit and financial information; maintaining a housing log; Fair Housing and the Massachusetts Lead Law. Call 781-422-4274 for more information, or check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Landlord Education and Technical Assistance

Through both individual counseling and group seminars, we educate and advise landlords about their legal rights and options, Fair Housing, rental assistance, property management, tenancies and the courts, lead paint removal and proper handling of the security deposit. Call 781-422-4225 for more information, or check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

In addition to these trainings we also help hundreds of residents each month to manage and solve a wide range housing issues over the phone or through in-person brief counseling.

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Kathleen Facchini — Manager

Veronica Forde — HCEC Coordinator

Laura Gabriel —Intake

Veronica Truell  – 40B Affordable Homeownership and Resale Coordinator

Homebuyer Education and Landlord Workshop Training


For more info about first-time homebuyer training call 781-422-4225. For all other housing assistance call 781-422-4274.