First Time Homebuyer Workshop Online and Onsite

Event Details:

This is a 2 Online and Onsite class. Dates are Monday, April 9 2018  HSSEMA Onsite Homebuyer Workshops are very interactive and engaging. Here are the topics that are covered in  the Certified class: (1.Overview of the Home Buying Process ( 2. Household Budgeting (3. Building Good Credit (4.The Lenders walks you through the Mortgage Application Process  (5.We discuss Down Payment Assistance Programs  (6.Our Attorney’s talk about the Legal Aspects of Purchasing  (7. Why you need Home Inspections (8. Obtaining Insurance  (9. Multi-Unit Purchase Options (10.Responsible Home Ownership as well as (11. 40B Lotteries and HomeOwnership. You will hear from some of the best volunteer professionals. Our instructors are also lenders, realtors, attorneys, home inspectors, MassHousing and more. You will receive a certificate upon completion of this class.    

Once registered, please e-me . so that may can send over the FTHB Online Module. This must be completed prior to attending the class