Facing Homelessness

If you are homeless or in danger of losing your home, you don’t need to face this alone. We can help guide you toward a solution.

Please call us at 781-422-4274 between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday — Friday.

Our counselors are available to talk by phone or in person (by appointment), and we’d be happy to discuss programs and options with you to see which one(s) might fit your circumstances.


The state’s HomeBASE program provides flexible housing assistance and solutions for eligible families who are homeless, facing homelessness, and/or living in a state-funded shelter or hotel. In addition to helping with rent and/or moving expenses, HomeBASE stabilization services may also enable you to pursue job training and/or employment. Housing Solutions does not determine HomeBASE eligibility, but we can help you figure out how to get started.

Residential Assistance to Families in Transition (RAFT)

RAFT is a state-funded program that helps prevent eligible at-risk tenants and homeowners from becoming homeless. Through flexible, short-term financial assistance, RAFT can help eligible families stabilize their situations by assisting with rent, utility bills, and other costs. Your first step will be to fill out a Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC) Intake Assessment, which we can help with.

Scattered Site Transitional Apartment Program (SSTAP)

Housing Solutions also administers SSTAP, which provides case management and transitional housing in the Plymouth, MA area for 12 families who are homeless due to domestic violence. SSTAP’s individualized services will help stabilize families escaping domestic violence, and will help them develop the economic and life skills to achieve longer-term stability.

Greater Plymouth Area Supportive Housing Program (GPASH)

In partnership with the state, we have developed GPASH to provide safe, affordable housing and support services to eligible homeless families with one or more disabled family member(s).