Housing Creation

We have a four decade-long history of developing affordable housing units and helping local communities and agencies create new housing options.

Our region, and Massachusetts in general, has suffered from a chronic undersupply of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income people. Housing Solutions/South Shore Housing has found a number of ways to help increase the supply of affordable homes.

Most notably, since 1975 we have developed nearly 500 units of housing for seniors, families and people with special needs, 390 of which we still own and operate. In addition, we have worked extensively and successfully with cities and towns, private developers and social service providers to assist them to create and implement plans to develop affordable housing. Through these partnerships we have had a hand in the development of another 250 affordable homes. Finally, we serve as consultants on privately developed affordable housing, including housing developed through the State’s 40(b) statute to monitor the projects’ affordability and to oversee the lotteries through which residents are selected.

What these developments, partnerships and technical assistance roles have in common is that they have advanced Housing Solutions’ mission of providing stable affordable housing where families, seniors or individuals with disabilities can thrive and reach their potential. In the process we have also improved the cities, towns and neighborhoods in which the newly created housing is built.