40B Housing

Chapter 40(b) is a state statute that enables local Zoning Boards of Appeals to approve affordable housing developments under flexible rules if at least 20-25% of the units have long-term affordability restrictions.

The statute encourages the development of affordable housing, especially in cities and towns where less than 10% of the housing is affordable. 60,000 affordable units have been developed in the state through 40(b) since its enactment in 1969.

In addition to developing housing through the statute, Housing Solutions also plays the important role of monitoring the affordability within 40(b) projects. The developers of these projects in our region engage us to monitor the income of and affordability to the tenants of 40(b) rental developments, as well as assuring that the sale of affordable 40(b) homeownership properties are priced at affordable prices and sold to eligible buyers. This assures that these important affordable units – whether rental or for-sale – remain affordable. We currently monitor 459 affordable units in 22 40(b) projects.

In addition, we have conducted the lotteries for 128 units in 20 projects. In this role we assure that units are fairly and affirmatively marketed, and that the process for selecting residents for these affordable homes gives all applicants an equal chance of selection.

If you have any questions about Chapter 40(b) or if you are a developer looking for assistance with a project you are working on, please call 781-422-4225.

We have advocated over the years to maintain and improve Chapter 40(b). (See our board chair’s Boston Globe column on 40(b).) This included campaigning actively in 2010 as part of a successful campaign to prevail over an effort to overturn the law via a ballot referendum.


The following 40B units are available:

 51 Redwood Circle Pembroke





For information on this unit and to submit and application and qualify for a 40B home call Veronica Truell 781 422 4225vtruell@housingsolutionssema.org

For more information on 40B developments, monitoring, homebuyer workshops, purchasing, refinancing, capital improvements or foreclosures please contact

Veronica Truell – Affordable Housing Coordinator